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Founded in 1966, Krungthai Bank is a state-owned bank with headquarters in Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand. Its official name is Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited forming from the merge of Kaseat Bank Co.Ltd and Monthon Bank Co.Ltd. Krungthai Bank plays a crucial role in Thailand’s economy providing commercial banking activities and finance services to support governmental initiatives. Additionally, Krungthai Bank has one of the largest domestic branch network and several overseas branches in Cambodia, Laos, and India. The bank’s subsidiaries include Krung Thai Asset Management, KTZMICO, KTB Leasing, Krung Thai General Business Service, and so on.

Frequently asked questions, answered

What is Krungthai Bank’s swift code?

The swift code of Krungthai Bank is KRTHTHBK.

Does Krungthai Bank have a branch in the US?

Yes. The bank has a wholesale banking branch in Los Angeles, USA.

How much do I need to pay to get a Krungthai debit card?

There are three types of debit cards namely Krungthai Classic Debit Card, Krungthai Master Debit Card, and Krungthai Pearl Debit Card with the same entry fee of 100 Bath.

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